Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday Fitness Update

Tuesday Fitness Project Update: Such low energy still - whatever is going around is tenacious. And yet...I've stayed focused on the goal and lost 1.2 lbs this week for a grand total at the end of Week 24 of 35.4 lbs lost.

I missed posting last week (.6 lbs lost ) due to inertia, I think.  I've been sick for weeks now- actively ill with some bug, probably not The Flu, for nearly two, and dragging ever since, then getting more actively sick again for a few days, now back to the low energy, low level of congestion. 

Beginning to wonder if allergies are part of the mix - I know I definitely feel....allergy/antsy when I have to crunch through the leaves piled near my car.  Also wondering if I'm not being as vigilant about my nutrition since I got so busy with fall commitments mid-September.  I know I'm not cooking as creatively or eating as many veggies as I was eating before that.

Stress level is high right now, too. Very high.  In less than two weeks, we'll be holding the workshop "Creating a Path Through Loss / The Arts as Healing Tools."  I'm chairing the planning committee this year and I just haven't been on top of it due to this draggy illness.

On the brighter side, I'm really pleased with how I look and how I move these days. I love how some of my favorite jackets & shirts drape and flow around less me.  And every time I bend, stoop, lean, reach...I am conscious of such a difference. There is ease, maybe even elegance...the movement drapes and flows, I flow in the movement.

I am beginning to have a different body sense...it has something to do with compactness, of a feeling of being more substantial.  It's as though I am more solidly connected to, radiating from, my center. When I weighed too much and when I weighed too little, that sense of being substantial and centered was absent. This is both a physical and a...spiritual sensation.

This is very interesting to me, that I can sense this clearly: I am coming to a place of balance with my physical body, my center.  It isn't about that number goal.  It's about that balance.