Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fitness Tuesday Update: Low 140s

Today's Facebook status:

FitnessProject Tuesday Update: been ill for awhile, hopefully am edging toward wellness...still managed to do a little Tai Chi here & there, have lost another 1.2 pounds this week, for a grand total loss at the end of Week 22: 33.6 lbs.

Despite feeling crummy still after two weeks dealing with a respiratory Thing, I'm truly thrilled with how I'm slowly & steadily I'm moving towards that image I hold of a fit, limber me creating art, drinking tea, doing Tai Chi & finding ways to give to the community.

Yet I'm a tad depressed though about asthma, weak lungs - and how every cold I've gotten for two years now has settled in my chest and become bronchitis or almost-bronchitis. I had hoped that my wonderful new habits in diet, exercise & sleep might change this pattern. Well, I still have hope that they will.

As I look at my life over the past few weeks I had a lot going on. Mostly wonderful goings-on, the 3-day Arts Fest, a daylong fiber event with me teaching a triloom weaving workshop, family visitors -- and days with Sophia who was ill with a bug of her own and couldn't go to day care, some other family & financial issues....

So...a whole lot of good & bad stress. As we all know, stress leaves one vulnerable to illness, never mind the cortisol/belly fat connection! I'm going to be more attentive to stress management, I think.


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