Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fitness Tuesday Update - So close...

My Facebook status this morning:

Tuesday Fitness Project Update: Trying to get back to making this project my priority, get my schedule back (early bed, early wake-up) and get more exercise. Lost 1.6 lbs this week (whew!) for a grand total at the end of Week 26: 36.2 lbs. (5.2 lbs to go to my Primary Goal Weight!!!)

So. I didn't post here last week, partly because I was super-busy with the annual workshop on loss and art, and partly because there was nothing to post except that I didn't lose any weight, but rather had gone up nearly a pound.  I've lost that and then some this week, so feel like I'm getting back on track.

I finally started feeling Well about a week and a half ago-had been feeling so Unwell for long enough that feeling Well felt...well, quite odd!  It took me a moment that morning to figure out what was different.  And when I did, I felt a rush of intense gratitude. I try to hold that gratitude every day. I don't want to take feeling healthy and whole for granted - it's a major blessing.

People ask for pictures...here's one taken not so long ago, with me doing the "Look, I have a waist smaller than my bust!" pose of weight loss commercials.

...and wearing my luscious Round Trip Jacket.  I'm more than happy with the way my handknits fit the smaller me.  And am looking forward to knitting, oh, say a Medium or Large instead of an XXL-less knitting time, less yarn to buy. And yes, that was definitely on my list of motivating thoughts for staying with the Fitness Project!