Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why these pictures are GOOD!

This was my shipping table early in September, cluttered, with packing materials, remains of previous packing and books to be listed or catalogued.

This was my shipping table a few days ago:
Why this is better is that it's cluttered with SOLD books, books awaiting packing and shipping. Books that have now been sent on their way. My shipping table and I are back in business!

In the other room, where I have a lot of books stored, as well as my main office desk, I also have the most appalling accumulation of personal books, magazines, catalogs, and PAPER. Bills, receipts, notes, bank statements and more. Way more.
But this picture is GOOD:

because what you see is Sorting-in-Progress. The magazines and catalogues in the picture are now in boxes in my car, from which they will be dropped off at the recycling center. The stack of boxes with the blue plastic basket on top is a centralized amassing of the Paper Clutter. I have already shredded a garbage bag full of bank statements and intend to go through these boxes a little bit each day - okay, who snorted and said, "yeah, right!"...???
I am going to do it as planned. Really.

This picture is good, because it used to look like this:

Not much difference?
I beg to differ. From six precariously stacked too-high piles of books placed willy-nilly (NOT good for book health at all) to two much shorter stacks and 3 boxes of books, sorted into my very general first sorting round of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's.

So. It may not seem like it, but I have definitely made some progress in the last few days, towards reclaiming my bookselling work area and in getting back to work in a small way.
That's good!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, Sis -- I came back to read those posts you told me about. How funny!!! It would be interesting to know the timeframes of our activities. Maybe you got my declutter energy and/or I was getting yours and sending it back or something. However it originated -- we both got a LOT done that day! Wheeee!


8:47 PM, September 28, 2006  
Blogger jackie said...

These pictures ARE good! And good for you. You are one heck of a woman.

1:33 PM, October 05, 2006  

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