Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tea for One for Hours

I drink a lot of tea.

White, black, green. Various permutations in the form of Chai.  Sometimes it seemed as though I would just get started on my work when I would want to make another cup of tea. Sometimes I need the break. Need to move, stretch…both body & mind.  Sometimes I need to keep working.

I’ve begun taking tea with me to the bookshop I work with in this stainless steel tumbler.  I bought mine at Teavana when I was in Boston last spring. (There's a nifty little basket/strainer attachment so you can steep tea right in the tumbler, but I rarely do that.)

Last week I started using it at home. I pour out just enough for a few relaxing sips and the rest stays nice and hot.

Lets me stay focused on my work if I need to stay focused. And still have the bliss of tea.
In other matters:
Right now, things are not going well with my attempt to lose the regained weight.  I know it’s the exercise issue. And maybe the honey wheat pretzel twists.
I’ll figure it out.  I know that, too.

I’m also trying to figure out where I’m heading with my work.  How I want to continue my blogs. IF I want to continue my blogs, at least in the form they are now.   I guess I’ll figure it out as well.



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