Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Fitness Project Redux Update: Week 1

This morning’s Facebook status:

Tuesday Fitness Project Update: Right back to food journaling everything, upgraded my Tai Chi practice from 'sporadic' to 'daily' (and it's been amazing outside this week, esp. in the wind.) Happy to report I am minus 3.2 lbs. (you should see the happy on my face!

What a great start - losing 1/5 of the goal!
I doubt I will continue to lose at the rate of 3 lbs a week, but do hope to maintain a steady pace of 1-2 lbs.

Last week I focused on clean, light eating and getting back into the habit of keeping a meticulous log.
That’s relatively easy for me.  I love eating things that are good for my body - more than I love eating things that are not so good.

When I stay present with my body and my desire for health, it’s not so difficult to say no to sugar. Writing everything down helps to keep me present with that desire.

It’s the ‘moving’ part of my plan I find difficult.  Especially if I call it ‘exercise.’ So I won’t.

Tai Chi isn’t ‘exercise’ to me.  Neither is training & playing with my canine companion, Lily.
Plan for this week: find more ways to move.

Not me.  Not my backyard.
Picture found here.
(That blog looks very interesting, I'm bookmarking
it to read more.)

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Blogger Kristin said...

Good work Zann! Keep on keepin' on!!

9:44 AM, November 15, 2011  

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