Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fitness Tuesday Update - Mini-Goal Reached!

My facebook status today:

Tuesday Fitness Project Update: not feeling so fit as I got a Horrible Stomach Virus Thing yesterday - am on the upside I think --this week's weigh-in shows another 2.4 lbs lost for a grand total of 22 lbs. at the end of Week 11. (My diligence gets credit for 1.5 lbs, Horrible Virus the rest...)

I'm still recuperating so I'm not feeling like writing much, but I'm very excited about the 22 pounds because it puts me over my half-way mark in the weight-loss part of my fitness quest.

I had originally hoped to lose a pound a week and reach 20 lbs by my birthday at the end of September. I have actually averaged about 2 lbs a week.

I'm still looking to get more exercise. Sunday night I did 30 minutes of improvisational dance/movement to Gabrielle Roth's Tribe CD - well, 27 minutes, lots of drumming, you just can't help but move.

About a year ago, Sounds True had a fabulous sale on a set of her Wave DVDs - a collection of ecstatic dance workouts, also described as moving meditations. They still have a great price on the set of three (19.95 each if bought singly, $34.95 for the set) here.

So as I am searching around for a cardio exercise that I can incorporate into my life that doesn't seem like a chore, I'm going to get out those DVD's and Roth's book Sweat Your Prayers and work with them awhile.


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