Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fitness Tuesday Update - Appetizer

My Facebook status update today:

Tuesday Fitness Project Update -spent a lot of time this week feeling grateful at how well this is going, at new limberness, flexibility...and the weigh-in shows I've lost another 2 pounds, for a grand total at the end of Week 9..do you hear a drumroll? I hear a drumroll.....18.4 pounds (drum turns into chant: new jeans, new jeans, new jeans)

The above was my late-morning nosh yesterday. I want to title this picture "Why I Don't Get TOO Hungry and Why I Am Totally Enjoying My Food."

That is 1/4c organic cottage cheese, 1 multigrain cracker, 1/3 peach, sliced, 3 carrot sticks, and 6 oz Snapple Red Tea. That is about 150 calories.

The other elements of this satisfying mini-meal between breakfast & lunch, were calorie-free: a small blue plate, a pretty rice bowl, a tablecloth in pleasing colors, sunflowers, a good book. What you can't see is the wider ambiance in which I ate: the rustic screened porch, the sublimely balmy summer air, the deep greens of grass & leaf, the clear blue sky and my beloved dog friend, Clover, dancing in and out.

I'll be the first to admit I'm a lucky woman - that the circumstances of my life right now allow me to make my fitness and weight loss Priority #1, that I can afford to buy organic cottage cheese, fresh vegetables & fruit, the pretty little bowl, and that the weather this summer is so glorious.

I have the time - and I make the time - to prepare my food and eat it with a bit of ceremony and thought. My calories come from small amounts of a wide variety of foods, and are not consumed mindlessly, but thoroughly enjoyed.

There are times, like yesterday's elevenses, when I feel nourished by just the sight of my meal.
That's the perfect appetizer for someone on a 1200-calorie budget!

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