Sunday, August 02, 2009

oops Tuesday Fitness Project Update (on Sunday)

My husband pointed out to me that I hadn't updated here last Tuesday. He's not on Facebook, so he didn't see the status I posted that here it is:

Tuesday Fitness Project Update: At the end of Week 10, all is going well. I'm tired of counting calories, though not tired of the way I'm eating, just writing it all down. But I shall continue that. Once again not enough cardio & strength training, so I'm renewing my focus there. Weight loss this past week: 1.2 lbs for a grand total of 19.6 lbs released to wherever freed-up pounds go.

This week has been difficult. I still haven't gotten back into doing the strength training & cardio. I am under a great deal of stress with a lot of projects and commitments and I'm not handling the stress so well. I suspect that the exercise will probably help a lot with that, so I'm determined to get it back.

I'm still doing 40 minutes or so a day of my Tai Chi, though. It's such a gentle, relaxing sort of movement I tend to forget it is exercise. And on Thursdays, I do my personal practice in the morning and have an hour class in the evening. So, it's not like I'm not exercising!

132 calories

That's dessert sometimes, sometimes a snack.
It is:
1c berries (60) 1/3 c nonfat plain greek yogurt* (44) 1 tsp honey (20) 1T Special K cinnamon pecan cereal (8) (132 calories total)

*I've gone back to draining my own yogurt again. This used to be called 'yogurt cheese', but now it's generally referred to as yochee. Yochee has a smooth, thick, creamy texture that feels rich, even made with non-fat yogurt. It can be sweetened for dessert, or herbed for savory dips.

Either way, if you can have dairy, yochee is a great addition to the diet of the calorie and health conscious.

And I'll say a word about that Special K Cinnamon Pecan Cereal - in addition to sprinkling a tablespoon on my yogurt snacks, I carry around a little snack container, with that cereal, 1T dried mixed berries and 4 almonds. About 140 calories, and it has saved my calorie budget more than once, by providing me with healthy crunchy munchies when I'm out.

Other favorite carry-arounds: sliced apples, carrot sticks and red pepper strips. (Sometimes I even plop a tablespoon of hummus into the container.)

That's about it. Hopefully, I'll remember to post my Tuesday update here. On time.

Thanks for the support!


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