Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to Work...

The Chair - September 2011    

Just popping in to write a quick note after a whole year of not writing here. As you can see, The Chair is in dire need of its seasonal decluttering, since it hasn't had one in more seasons than I want to admit. (Let's just say I see last winter's wear peeking out.)

I seem to be in a fine decluttering mode lately.  The cause? Something about getting a nifty new computer (a MacBook Air!) to replace my 6 year old iBook, and having my cyberlife massively tidied up. Something about turning 60 in a couple of weeks. Something about losing my beloved spirit companion, Clover, after nearly 12 years of her constant loving presence. All these things have come together I guess to firmly tell me I'm really entering new life terrain and I have an opportunity to let go of a lot of baggage, along with the letting go of things and people dear.

So I'm on a mission again. I gained back 15 pounds which must go away again. My bloated inboxes on two email accounts are svelte now and I'm on a diet there as well. I'm deleting and unsubscribing like mad. (A friend recommended I try and there you sign up (free) and get a nifty little icon in your email tool bar. When you open an email you'd like to unsubscribe, just click on the icon and it gets done. It will also help you get out of any weird apps on Facebook that take your information.)

First thing I did this decluttering go-round was to create a clear space for me to relax, read, knit, drink tea. And I think that's a good idea when one is embarking on decluttering: Create a least one oasis, a little corner away from the clutter, where you can have the feeling of peace and calm that comes from breathing in simplified, decluttered space.

Here's mine - The Big Chair and Ottoman.

I didn't take a before picture, but let me give you a word picture...imagine towering stacks of books, magazines, papers piled on the ottoman. Imagine the fat arms of the chair covered with...well, books, magazines and papers. All slipping and sliding off at the most inconvenient times. Oh, and add a knitting project or two to the mix.

So, it's no wonder my husband said, after I got it looking like this, "Where'd this ottoman come from?"

To help your visualization, here's a picture of the Other Ottoman as it is right now:

Imagine that...only not so neat.