Wednesday, April 22, 2009

magazines, magazines

Partially read New Yorkers, some dating back to December, 2008

No solutions here, just a statement of the problem.

I buy (and subscribe to) a LOT of magazines, possibly too many magazines. They tend to pile up, partially read. There are quite a few magazines which I want to save. I need to figure out a system for dealing with them.

I did decide that most of the New Yorkers above were finished as is. Out of that batch, I reserved only 3 more recent issues to (hopefully) finish reading.

My art and craft magazines are the primary ones I save. And they truly are quite useful to me. Articles which I barely skimmed have, years later, proven of great interest as I embark on the exploration of a new technique or art form. So those just have to be keepers. These are magazines which often retain some value, too. (So here's public notice to my heirs - that collection of Spin-Off magazine going back to 1985, the first 20 or so issues of Threads -- put 'em on eBay!!!)

So, that's my current clutter issue right now: thinking about a system both for reading the magazines and for storing the ones I keep.

I'll let you know what I come up with, if anything.