Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning of THE CHAIR

I like to take a picture of The Chair every so often to record the ever-shifting flow of Stuff that accumulates there. When I decided to document its end-of-winter09 state, I was seized with a great desire to Spring-Clean it.

This was best accomplished by sorting all the Stuff. I wound up putting everything on the sofa and felt amazed at the sheer volume of Stuff that The Chair manages to hold.

Over the back of the sofa is a pile of clothes, winter coat and jackets, shawls and scarves.
On the seat are a nice selection of books, files, miscellaneous winter accessories.

There is also my purse (an ergonomic Healthy Back Bag) and The Bag That Keeps Me Amused In The World (its weight negating any healthy effects of the aforementioned purse) and my purple labyrinthe tote which serves as my auxiliary Bag of Amusements, and a secondary cloth tote which serves as a Bag for Important Files & Papers for Meetings. Then there is my Tiny Purse, into which I transfer Absolute Necessities when I must go purseless and without amusements into the world, something that doesn't happen often.

I'm thinking the subject (and contents) of these totes and bags might be explored in a separate post. Or with my therapist.

On the floor, the stunning number of pairs of shoes that can be stuffed under that chair, along with a nice pile of socks and a whole lot of dust bunnies clinging to them all.

I sorted, hung up all coats and put away shawls and scarves and gloves. Sent socks and hoodies off to the wash. Found Coraline book!! Got out the vacuum and vacuumed under the chair, then vacuumed all the shoes, put 'em in a box and took them to my bedroom. Emptied the Auxiliary Totes.

And here is The Chair, as of this morning, a week later -- in an almost Zen-like state of simplicity and relative emptiness.

Happy spring to all!


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