Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Christmas Tree is Still Up

Yes, my Christmas tree is still up.
And that's okay.
Life has been Big lately. My mom passed away on Valentine's Day.

And my tree is still up because I left it up on purpose. The Last Crisis with Mom began on Christmas Eve Day and the following weeks of intense presence with her were exhausting. When I'd finally get home, I could barely think or knit or do much of anything. (There was a brief respite around the time I made my last entry, when she was stable and I took more time away from the nursing home.)

I would just gaze at the tree often during these weeks - this small fake tree that I had managed to adorn with my most favorite ornaments....it just made me feel better to look at it. And so I decided to leave it up until Valentine's Day. But the Universe had other plans for that day...

So now I'm thinking.....Easter.