Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Chair 2008

Greetings! I am terrifically excited to feel the urge to resume posting here.
Without further ado, I'd like to share a picture of The Chair back in mid-December:

As you can see, it was mostly A Closet then, but there was a wee stack of books and papers under all the clothes.

My valuable assistant Roy returned for awhile and with his help, I got quite a few things done, including putting away all those clothes (it was mostly my knitted shawls, scarves, jackets) and discovering that chair was still there:

I did not put away the shoes.

I've been getting lots of good ideas for organizing my time and figuring out my priorities from Zen Habits. Simple systems are the only ones that ever prove valuable to me, and ZH is a great source of simple things to try.

Meanwhile, this stuff has been sitting behind my sofa (which is the entrance path from the front door) patiently waiting for me to do something with it. Originally, I thought all these books and magazines were going to go into the bookshop I'm supposed to working with, but it has not even begun to open. I believe this pile has been there for at least 6-8 months.
A few days ago, I felt the urge to just let these things go and I offered them on the local Freecycle, with a specific pick-up time listed (I'm absolutely in a time crunch due to having to deal with my mom and the nursing home a lot right now.) I shouldn't be surprised but not a single person who agreed to come actually came -- even when I extended a second pick-up to which each agreed.

So I'm now on a round of contacting others who wanted these items and have set up a new time for tomorrow. Sigh.

In an interesting bit of serendipitous irony, I just noticed when I was uploading this photo that the top book is entitled "Going Nowhere Fast!" I'm gonna go move that book right now.
Just in case it's creating some odd feng shui energy with those words....