Sunday, September 16, 2007

Phase Two & Decluttering My Psyche

It's been awhile since I've blogged about decluttering because I haven't embarked on anything new. I realized last month that I had actually reached a plateau of sorts, that I had decluttered enough so that function and even some joy had been restored to my life. In other words, my primary living/working spaces became usable, a pleasure to inhabit. I realized that something was completed, a Phase One that I had not discerned, that only became apparent in its completion.

Wooo-hooo! (a brief moment of celebration)

There is still a great deal to do overall, though, and I've been thinking about what Phase Two should be. There are large areas of the house that still need my attention: my basement work areas, a room I have upstairs, my unruly stashes of books, yarn and clothes.

I realized that in order to work on these areas, I have to work on me more than I did before, I have to deal with my innate procrastination, poor use of time, distractability. I have to make a decision about my business of bookselling (which has been on hold since the shop closed, since my whole being became occupied with trying to help Patrick, and my mother.) I have some bookkeeping, paperwork and tax things that must be re-organized, filed and dealt with, and I must find a way to keep up with those things so I don't get behind again.

And I have to really and truly work on my driving/travel phobia.

This last is so huge that I considered creating a new blog to document it and be part of my therapy plan. But I already have two blogs that I find difficult to keep current, adding a third would be preposterous.

I realized that concrete work and journaling about this phobia really does fit into the mission of this blog.

So, in the coming posts, I'll be working out what the physical decluttering of Phase Two will be and I will also be reporting on my work to....hmmm, this is interesting, I am having a difficult time trying to find the verb I want to use in conjunction with this phobia work. "Conquer" is what comes to mind, but that word does not feel at all right. Dissolve? No.

Ah! Let go.

I will be reporting on my journey to let go of this phobia.