Saturday, February 25, 2006

just time for a quick note

Well. I must face certain facts in life and one of them is that I am not Superwoman. Another one is that there are only 24 hours in a day and a third of them should be spent in sleeping or, at least, relaxing. We must not give thought (envious or admiring) to Martha Stewart's apparent deal with the devil that allows her to function at high capacity on a reported 3-4 hours of sleep. That reminds me of the excellent "Beggars" or "Sleepless" trilogy of books by Nancy Kress, which explores what might happen in a society divided between those who need to sleep and those who do not.

Ahem, back to the matter at hand which is supposed to be an explanation of why I'm not posting oodles of pictures of decluttered spots and my enthusiastic notes about the philosophy and spirituality of decluttering.

The situation with vacating my mother's old apartment is rather critical. The retirement community wants me to be out of there by March 1. I had hoped to keep it an extra week. To be fair to them, they are offering to help me "in any way" they can, that's what they said!- even to move things to another vacant apartment to give me more time to sort through the papers, etc. I may take them up on it. But since I really want this to not be hanging over my head, I'm going to try very hard to complete this by the 1st. It will be much better for my mother as well, as having stuff in two apartments only adds to her confusion and distress.

I will need to focus all my attention on taking care of that for the next few days. But I wanted to reassure you dear people who peek in here to cheer on my progress: I am keeping my own journey at the top of my thoughts, maintaining order where I've already created it, taking time to knit or crochet a bit, and even managing wee spots of decluttering here and there.

Some progress notes:
I have gotten into a routine of leaving nothing in the car and, when I come into the house I take a few minutes to hang my coat & scarf in the entry closet, put away anything I've brought in with me. Formerly, everything sort of got dumped in trail as I came in - my purse or tote on the floor in the entry, my coat on The Chair, and anything that came in with me (shopping bags, books, papers, knitting.)..wound up on the dining table or The Chair's seat or the line-up of stuff on the floor behind the sofa.

I also take a few minutes several times a day to clear off the ottoman and chair arms (they are fat enough to function as end tables!) where I knit and read and often blog.

I have decluttered a couple of the shelves on those kitchen shelves I posted pictures of in my last post. Now I have a spot to put the little box of drawing and collage supplies I really wanted to have at hand close to the table where I'm working on things right now.

I also spent a little time today clearing clutter and organizing in a room I've not yet shown here: my little room upstairs which we all call The Goddess Room. It's a special room and deserves a special entry, and I will say no more for now.

So. The journey continues and all is well.
peace and art,


Blogger ramblingmuse said...

Hang in there with cleaning out your mom's place. I can imagine the stress with the deadline coming up!

Good job with all that progress. Being diligent about keeping up with the organized stuff is tough. Even the little things like putting things away *right away* can be a tough habit to change.

I haven't done much with my own clutter yet. Soon I'll post an update on it.


6:49 AM, February 28, 2006  

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