Sunday, February 05, 2006

and so....I begin

This is a huge, huge project.
I am a person of wide-ranging interests and all the Stuff that goes along with each endeavor. Attention span sometimes as wide as a subatomic particle.

I have thousands of books. Books I love and keep. Books I love and sell. Books I just sell.
I have yarn, bins and bins of it. And fiber.
Art supplies:
for knitting and crocheting and spinning and felting and dyeing and sewing; for beading and wire work; for drawing; for collage and paper crafts

and I have papers and papers and papers and pictures and way too many clothes....
I'll stop.
Everyone knows what makes up Clutter.

I'm not exactly sure what form this blog will take - at first I shall just write a bit, try to find the way I need to proceed.
I know that I need this to be a real journey, with lessons and joys along the way.
Some enlightenment. Oooh, that is a very good word for this journey! And I will end this entry with that word.