Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twelve Pounds to Go Project

My Facebook status this a.m.:

"Twelve Pounds To Go Project: Started last week, managed to drop the 2 lbs I'd gained over the winter & now I'm poised to go for the final weight loss stretch. Goals: weigh 126 lbs, build a little more muscle & create an exercise routine I will actually maintain. Would love to have this accomplished by May 19, which would be one year since I began my fitness quest."

 I've gone back to my faithful food-measuring tools,  keeping a detailed food log, with calorie counting. 1200-1300 calories a day.  This works well for me.
Over the winter, I ate well, maintained my 'no refined sugar' status (well, except when my husband made brownies) and added some high-calorie things that have super nutritional value: peanut butter, avocado, pumpkin & sunflower seeds.  I think the 2 pound gain came from not measuring those so much!

Over the winter, I began working to improve my lung function & reduce asthma.  I am working with my doctor on this, have gotten off two medications, added a minimal amount of inhaled steroid.  In addition I'm also looking to nutrition to reduce inflammation and bronchospasm.  Making sure I get enough magnesium is a goal in that latter endeavor.  Exercise, visualization, stress reduction and learning to play the didgeridoo (!) round out my plan.

At first, when I got off the long-acting bronchodilator, I had to use my rescue inhaler much more often. But eventually that shifted.  I actually went nearly 4 weeks and only used it once!! Got a respiratory infection and had to use it a bit more, but as I've gotten better, I'm doing well again.

I'm sure that my weight loss & fitness project has helped in improving my breathing.

I have a pedometer and try for 6-8,000 steps daily.  10,000 is what is recommended, but I'm working up to that.  Walking a couple of miles in the early morning at the mall makes a huge difference in meeting the step goals!  Yesterday I had a total of 8, 400.
Will post on this weekly!

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