Saturday, January 02, 2010

Fitness 2010

At the time I last wrote here, I think I was at a point of low energy in my fitness journey.  It seemed time to just breathe and be, a time to rest in my new body, and focus on creating a calm sort of holiday time. So I took a long break from recording and reporting, though I continued to monitor my weight. 

I ate pretty much everything I wanted to eat and my weight hovered over a 2 pound range.  What I found most gratifying is that what I wanted to eat was not so much.  At the RiverWools party, I had a little of every delectable sweet offered.  And I didn't feel guilty and I didn't feel deprived.

However, by December 22, my weight was at the top of that 2 pound range, was about what it had been in mid-November (141.6), and I decided it was time to focus again on quality and quantity.  As of today, Jan. 2, I weighed in at 137.4, my very lowest weight since beginning this journey back in May 2009.  I've lost 39 pounds since then!

I'm spending today reveling in my success over the last 33 weeks.  And rededicating myself to Fitness Project 2010. 

Some changes:
I've decided that a good goal weight is 125-128 pounds.
I'm upping my calorie allowance to 1400-1450
(1200 calories was fine for that first phase, but it was not enough to allow for some healthy things I need to have in my diet: almonds, avocado - good fat things)

That last is my biggest problem, the element of healthy living that I have the most difficulty with.

Since the weather got chillier and I couldn't do Tai Chi outside, even my Tai Chi practice has fallen off.    Tai Chi is foundational for me. So my first goal is to get my regular practice back. And to learn 24!!

As I do that, I am going to plan and visualize other exercise in my life.  For me, setting intention and visualizing manifestation of intention is crucial.  I absolutely believe that has been a key element in my success so far.  Before I began, I spent the month or so before in such planning and visualizing.  And I had an mental image of myself in almost the very body I have now.  That image was the prize I kept my eyes on.  And it wasn't just physical either.

So, my goals for the next few days: eat wisely, do Tai Chi, visualize.

2010 will be the best year yet!!!