Saturday, May 26, 2007

That &$%*#@!%$ Table - Again!

Okay - short and sweet.
That kitchen/dining room table MUST get cleared for once and for all.
Paul, if you're reading this, brace yourself. Or click away...

I've put a table in the middle of Molly's old room (one half of which is piled with Her Stuff, one half we try to keep clear for extra bed, alternate TV viewing.)
T E M P O R A R I L Y, Paul! When you get back, this project will be done, I promise!!!
(Paul's in Mexico. While he's gone this mouse is decluttering in ways that would make him very uncomfortable....)
The idea is to move everything from the dining table to the [Temporary!!!] Sorting Table, thereby giving me the instant gratification and the freed-up chi of a free and clear dining table. In theory, the freed energy will allow me to tackle the sorting of the Stuff in Molly's room.

Yes, there is a big risk involved. The risk, of course, is that I will allow clutter to accumulate once again on the dining table and the clutter will remain on the table in Molly's room and I will find myself with the same awful chi-sucking mess X2.

But the rewards...ah, worth the risk.

If you're still reading, Paul, Happy Birthday -- and please, don't worry. That table will be out of Molly's room and you won't even know it was there. Well, you will know it was there, but only because of the picture above.

One more before picture:
Scary, isn't it?
And if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you'll probably remember we've been here before. This time I'm really going to try to understand why this table gets like this and change it.